Sunday, January 20, 2013

More journal clubs

We hope that this blog can be "home" for links to other people's blog posts discussing articles etc. and also for news on other Journal Clubs.
1. The other club which I have been co-organising (with Marshall Dozier) for a couple of years meets in the virtual world, Second Life (see right, November 2012). The next meeting is this week:
When: Weds 23 January 2013: 12 noon Second Life time, 8pm UK time.
Where: Infolit iSchool, Second Life, (you need a SL avatar and the SL browser)
What: Marshall Dozier (Edinburgh University) will lead a discussion of: Detmering R, and Johnson AM. (2012) "'Research Papers Have Always Seemed Very Daunting': Information Literacy Narratives and the Student Research Experience." Portal: Libraries and the Academy 12(1), 5-22. Available from:

2. A face to face group started up last year is London Libraries Learning Research Reading Group: they had a meeting in November 2012 and their blog is here: and Jane Secker outlined what they would discuss here.

If you run a Journal Club (i.e. any group meeting face to face or virtually, to discuss articles or other literature in the library and information field) please let us know, e.g. by commenting below. If you run one and would like to post information about upcoming sessions on the blog regularly, do contact us.

Monday, January 14, 2013

First Journal Club discussion Thurs 17th Jan at 8pm UK time!

The first Information Literacy online Journal Club is on Thursday January 17th 2013. The live discussion will start at 8pm UK time (which is 3pm US Eastern Time, see for times elesewhere) and end at 9.15pm. We will be discussing the 2011 revision of the SCONUL 7 Pillars model of information literacy, available here: The 7 Pillars diagram is reproduced on the right (under a Creative Commons license). This is the UK's chief framework for information literacy in Higher/Further Education, and the first edition came out in 1999.

The Journal Club discussion will take place in the comments beneath this introductory blog post. You can start adding comments now if you want.
The live discussion hosted by Niamh Tumelty and me (Sheila Webber) will be between 8pm and 9.15pm on 17th January. As facilitators, we will be aiming keep the discussion going and introduce the questions through the session. In the next few months we will probably be trying a few different channels for this online journal club (e.g. possibly a Twitter discussion) so we will be grateful if people are willing to stay for a bit after 9.15 to tell us how/whether the blog comment format worked.

Of course people can also contribute to the discussion by commenting (on the topic or the format for discussion) after the 17th January. Alternatively (or additionally!) you can write your reflections on your own blog now or later. Just make sure to tag it ILread and give us the link) or comment on Twitter using #ILread. These are the questions we thought of, to stimulate discussion. Do add further ideas for topics and questions as comments, below.

- How do you think the SCONUL model compares with other models or information literacy standards (e.g. ACRL)?

- Have you used the SCONUL 7 Pillars in practice? If so, how and what are your thoughts about it? for example:
- - Do you mostly just use the basic headings and diagram, or the longer explanations?
- - Are there pillar(s) that you find more difficult to address (or that learners find more difficult to understand)?
- - How do academics take to the model?

- What do you think of the various lenses that are already available for this model (e.g. the Research lens and digital literacy lens) and are there ones that have not yet been written but you think should be?