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Thursday 21 July: Instructor perceptions of student information literacy
Thursday 29 September: Using the I-LEARN model for information literacy instruction
  • Discussion post coming by early September
  • Greenwell, S. (2016). Using the I-LEARN model for information literacy instruction. Journal of Information Literacy, 10(1), 67–85. http://doi.org/10.11645/10.1.2045
We're always looking for suggestions of suitable articles and for volunteers to host discussions.  Please leave any suggestions in the comments below.

Previous discussions

Information literacy learning design
Integrating information literacy in journalism practice

Draft ACRL framework

Research agendas for information literacy
Three articles were discussed:

UNESCO's Media and Information Literacy resolution

Open synergies and symbioses

A Healthcare Lens for the SCONUL Seven Pillars Model

Barbara Fister's "outrageous claims" for university librarians

A New Curriculum for Information Literacy

Reflection for Learning

SCONUL 7 Pillars of Information Literacy

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