Thursday, December 13, 2012

All about the discussion group

What is it?

An online discussion group focusing on information literacy and other aspects of user education.

Who can join in?

Anyone! You may be a current student of ILS, an established information professional or just generally interested in the subject area - everyone is welcome to participate.

How do I participate?

There are several options:
  • Host a discussion: Pick an article to discuss (ideally open access to maximise possible participation), blog a summary here and select a few questions to get the discussion started.
  • Join us in the comments: Read the article and/or the summary, get thinking about the questions raised and discuss or ask further questions in the Comments below the relevant blog post.
  • Use your own blog: Discuss the article or related issues on your own blog, use the tag ILread and make sure we have the link so we can include you in your blog roll.

Do I have to use the suggested article or can I choose a different one to read?

Time is short and we all have our different research priorities - if you would prefer to consider a different article to the one proposed of course you can do that! Just use your own blog to discuss your chosen article, then share the link with us.  Maybe you'd also like to propose to host a discussion about that article at a later stage, just let us know in the comments.

So what next?

Watch out for our next blog post introducing an article/other item for discussion and we'll go from there.

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